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LELO Luna Beads

LELO Luna Beads

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LELO Luna Beads
Pelvic floor exercise has never been so easy or effective.

A stronger pelvic floor can give you enhanced sensations during sexual activity and more intense orgasms as well as help with slight incontinence issues.

The Lelo Luna Bead system gives you two sets of two beads, each differently weighted, allowing you to build up your resistance over time.

Pop them inside and hold them in. Not only is daily exercise beneficial, the feeling of them knocking together is also pleasurable.

Made with FDA-approved and phthalate-free ABS/ silicone.

WEIGHT - 0.308
SKU - V4LN6705
SIZE IMPERIAL - 1.5" diameter
SIZE METRIC - 36mm diameter
POWER - None Required
BARCODE - 7350022270312


2 x 28 gram G Luna Beads.
2 x 37 gram G Luna Beads
Presented in an elegant box with a satin carry pouch to keep your beads with you at all times.
Please note these beads are 36mm in diameter. For those who have not experienced child birth or who would prefer smaller sized beads, there are also Lelo Luna Beads Mini available.

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